Audio samples

These are some recordings of instruments over the years but lately I have been putting all the recordings of new instruments on my youtube site

Slide Guitars

Recorded with RodeNT1a (a very flat condenser mike)

Blackwood top fixed bridge

Cedar top fixed bridge sample 1 sample 2

Blackwood top Floating bridge

Long scale Cedar fixed bridge

Long scale Blackwood fixed bridge

Studio recording using fixed bridge Cedar top on Patrick Gambles' new album
recorded with Rode NT2a

Various recordings through K&K FantaStick pickup

Blackwood top Floating bridge - live

Cedar top fixed bridge - live (More in live section below)

Acoustic guitars (Rode NT1a)

Here is a video of one of my 80s guitars that was upgraded to my current bracing design.

Full size acoustic guitar

This is a new (2015) shortscale Engelmann top guitar

Short scale Backwood top version (more in live section below)


Studio recording using short scale on Patrick Gambles' album (RodeNT2a)

Oval hole mandolins playing a Jig

Double hole mandolin playing Redwing

Videos of prototype fluorocarbon mandolin played with plectrum and fingers

Tony and Leslie Rees from Tasmania play a Blackood oval hole, and then add a Cedar double hole, on this excerpt from a recent album.


The Talamar is an original teardrop shaped instrument being a cross between a bouzouki and a sitar. It is shown in this gallery.

Video of a ukulele/lute

Live Performances

I am using K&K pickups on a Blackwood top short scale guitar
and a Cedar top fixed bridge slide

This is a 40 minute concert from Kate and I at the Canberra National Folk Festival 2010

Tamar Valley Festival 2013

Tamar Valley Festival 2015 (long scale slide in C)

Here are some pieces from us performing at the 2009 Cygnet Folk Festival in Tasmania.

Get along little doggies

Star of the County Down

I've forgotten more than you'll ever know

Some Days

2004 lullaby