This page contains links to info on instruments and other things


To select strings for different tunings on my slide guitars check out this info.

For fitting the strings on my slide guitars use this guide.

For fitting fluorocarbon strings use this guide.

I am working on a page discussing bracing and instrument design.

For changing sockets or pickups on my slide guitars, use this guide

I get my fluorocarbon strings from Worth strings in Japan. If you want to buy bulk gauges you have to email them for prices as they don't have that info on the site. The gauges on my mandolin are E.47 A.66 D.91 (sizes in mm). G is a classical guitar A string.

This is the wiring design I use for a strat or for a single coil plus humbucker guitar.
It gives a total of 7 pickup configurations.

Here is a very good source of soundboard timber from Canada which includes photos of each piece.

I got neck problems from playing fiddle on stage for 30 years. I had to design a simple violin harness so that I can continue to play. It is easy to make and allows for a very relaxed technique.

Since doing this exercise on a regular basis for the last 10 years, I have ceased to have any lower back problems. I highly recommend this. Use books instead of a block.

The chords from my "Girl from Ipanema" video in tab form.

Martin Gross's youtubes are very good for learning slide tricks like single note bending.

Strings and Accessories

Elderly Instruments charge about $10 to send a package to Australia, so they are my first choice for strings and accessories.

Here are some products that I source from them:

GHS True medium strings are a good string for open DADF#AD tuning on slide guitar.
They also do a cryogenic set. They also work for DADGAD players.

DR rare strings are what I fit on my steel string guitars. They are a hand made, low tension, hex core string that is easy on the hands. I use the DR mandolin strings as well.

Planet waves dual action capo designed by Ned Steinberger and D'Addario is probably the best guitar capo ever made. But these smaller ones also designed by Ned Steinberger are nearly weightless and can be cut to size for a variety of instruments.

Dunlop lap dawg is my favorite slide. It is very easy to grip and is well priced.

The Beard slide capo is a good option for capoing slide guitars.

For those who own a resonator guitar, I recommend trying a Sheerhorn cone on a dobro, and a "hot rod" cone on a National style instrument. Resonator guitars are basically a speaker box that can have the speaker upgraded.