Choosing strings for different tunings

You can use the chart below to work out what gauge of strings to use for different tunings. These strings each have a tension of just under 12kg/27lbs when tuned to the given note. For instance the optimum gauges for DADF#AD tuning would be .059-.040-.029-.022-.018-.014 instead of .056w-.042w-.032w-.024w-.017-.013 from the GHS true mediums that I put on, but the overall tension works out about the same. Try to keep the overall tension below 75kg/165lbs. Excess tension will suppress the dynamics and very excessive tension can cause damage.

If you want to switch between different tunings you will need to work out a compromise and experiment a bit, but keep an eye on the tensions.

Here is a string tension calculator that installs on your computer. D'Addario has an online calculator or you can use their tension chart. Flat wound strings are interesting on resonator guitars but I don't recommend them on mine as they are quite dull.

For the long scale guitars, lower the pitch by one semitone. (the G would be F#)

Tune to pitch string gauge
hi G .010 plain steel
F-F# .011
E (top guitar) .012
D .014
C .016
B .017
A .019
G .020pl / .022w
F-F# .023
E .026
D .028
C .032
B .034
A .039
G .042
F .049
E (bottom guitar) .052
D .058
C .066